Friday, October 26, 2007

Forgot to mention the retreat ...

Amazing People.

Amazing Nature.

See here for more pictures.

Amazing God.
(see link for photos!)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The people of London

Jogging in london has been .... has been interesting ... and rewarding ... not because of the epinephrine rush i feel after a good run, but more for the people i have met on my way!

man #1: awhile back, i met a man named Brian. He was sitting and waiting for the bus ... it was late, around 10pm. He kind of waved me down as i approached the bus stop. Do i know him? I stopped ... i guess he just needed someone to chat with. I learned all about his family, about his love for Elvis and future plans to head to the Elvis celebration in Collingwood. When the bus pulled up, he waved goodbye like we were old friends that chatted often, as if we'd see each other again sometime soon ... we haven't.

women #2: this happened last time winter was approaching. It was that awkward morning weather that is so much colder than when the sun is out in the afternoon. The moment i stepped outside, i realized it was pretty frigid and that i should be wearing pants ... but i didn't feel much like heading back up the stairs to change in my apartment. My circulating blood should keep me warm! The run was cold ... as i was finishing up ... struggling up the last hill of the route, all exposed skin was red ... these two unrelated, elderly women, one in the bus carol, one approaching, yell in unison as they slap the top of their thighs repeatedly, "YOU SHOULD BE WEARING SLACKS!" I said, "i know," with a smile and small giggle ... they were not smiling ... they were overtly angry with me ... i felt ashamed and thought, i should be wearing slacks.

men # 3: Running down oxford hill, i see two young men, dressed impeccably, carrying little black books ... mormans. I have had my experiences with them a few years ago when my brother was involved in the church of later day saints. As i attempt to run by, buddy flags me down. I stop, pull out my headphone, "hi?" "HELLO! we can see you are in a rush (i'm not in a rush! i'm exercising!? go on) but we were just wondering if you knew that your lord, Jesus Christ loves you?" "Yes, i do-" He continues with some memorized speech through an expressionless face ... and repeats, "well, we can see you are in a rush, is there a better time we can come talk to you?" Sure meet me here, on the corner of oxford and beaverbrook ....? Does he expect me to give him my address? "No thank-you." "Do you know anyone else we can talk to?" "No," ... cordial good-byes and i keep running ... a bit faster than before.

man #4: Again, running up the last leg ... i see a man in the distance coming down this very steep hill on the same side as mine. There is no sidewalk. I make my way onto the side of grass as not to be in his way. As i run by, i attempt to make some eye contact ... he flags me down. I remove my earphone. He asked in a very quiet and gurgled voice, "can you pass me that piece of plastic?" and he points so some clear plastic on the grass. I hand it to him ... he places it into an old Tim Hortons cup that has other various pieces of garbage in it. "Are you collecting litter?" i ask. "mm hmm," he responds quietly. I touch his shoulder - "thank you." He's not looking for praise. Amazing. ... Oh, did i mention he had use of one leg and was in a wheelchair? More amazing.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Margie Song

Finally a song to express my love to you! It'll be the opener to our performance ... one day ... one sweet day.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This is my brain on music

I love music!

I used to frequent concerts often ... until i had an epiphany during and $80 concert for Justin and Christina where i spent the entire time watching the giant tv screen as opposed to the little ants on the stage waaaaaaaaaay down there! I vowed to cut back since then!

My favourite concert, hands down, has been for the counting crows. $20, front row. incredible.

This last week i saw some more live music.

First stop, $3, Justin Nozuka. I kind of love him. He's kind of 19. eeeeek. he just has some MAD guitar skills and i love watching him perform because he gets so into his music.
For your viewing pleasure ...

Justin unplugged his guitar and took it into the audience .... just him and his guitar! awesome!

Yup, that's Justin signing my splint! HAHA!

Wanna see some video's!? Check him out!

Next stop, Tegan and Sara ... 20 bucks but general admission, so it was a small venue and we were close! They are awesome!! Canadian twins on guitar ... crazy harmony and a variety of songs.

Check them out too!

Where will i go next!? Dunno! But in the meantime, i've ordered a book from chapters, "This is your brain on music." Anyone read it? I'm excited to get started ...