Friday, December 14, 2007

Mr. Hankey?

ANNNNND..... the best Christmas decoration of 2007 goes to .....

Mr. Hankey? ... Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo ... Is that you!?

(this is a south park reference ... if you don't get it see here)

Monday, December 10, 2007


Our "band" had our first gig!! ... At the class "Christmas Sweater Party!"

That's right!! Jokes!!

Our Dressing Room -- Again, that's right! Jokes!

Some of the best outfits!! ... yup, thats a mock turtle neck!!

PS. the bands name is OhTease! ... sound it out... O-Ts ... We are all in school to be Occupational Therapists ... OTs!!!

Call my manager if you want to have us at your party! haha!

Monday, November 19, 2007

YOU would rather ...

Take the red pill over taking the blue pill (4:1)

Eat a maggot-filled sandwich over going to school or work naked (3:1)

Be one meter taller than one meter shorter (4:1)

Be invisible OR be able to fly! (2:2)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Great Idea!

Check out this website!!

I just bought one, so should you!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

For Tetris Lovers like myself! ...

Guaranteed Laughter!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


1. i just put a new air freshener in my bathroom, it smells great ... but has take over my WHOLE apartment - every nook! Now my head hurts! what's a girl to do. There should be some sort of modulator on that!

2. I have 3 bottles of shampoo in my shower with about one inch of shampoo in them. Why do i always use up the conditioner 1 week before the shampoo! Does this happen to anyone else!?

3. Sitting at my desk this morning, and i see there is a lady bug perched on my next kleenex coming out of my kleenex box. I didn't know what to do . I hate bugs. It's lame, i know. But if i grab the kleenex, he might fly around my room and land somewhere unknown. I couldn't handle that ... this is embarrassing ... i grabbed a plastic grocery bag and with one swift movement, i captured the whole box, top-down. quickly tied the bag .... shoved it into my already existing garbage bin ... tied that bag ... and took it to the garbage shoot. I know. I am not proud of my actions.

4. These last 3 days, i was in Toronto for the Ontario Hospital Association's conference. It was pretty good. the better part was spending time with an amazing friend. Got to chill at her place and see her classroom at her new school (she's a 5th grade teacher!) the not-so-better part was Toronto rush hour traffic. WOW. It took me 2 hours and 10 minutes to get from my friends place IN Toronto down ONE street to the Convention Centre where the conference was taking place. I ca not see myself living there in the future!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Forgot to mention the retreat ...

Amazing People.

Amazing Nature.

See here for more pictures.

Amazing God.
(see link for photos!)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The people of London

Jogging in london has been .... has been interesting ... and rewarding ... not because of the epinephrine rush i feel after a good run, but more for the people i have met on my way!

man #1: awhile back, i met a man named Brian. He was sitting and waiting for the bus ... it was late, around 10pm. He kind of waved me down as i approached the bus stop. Do i know him? I stopped ... i guess he just needed someone to chat with. I learned all about his family, about his love for Elvis and future plans to head to the Elvis celebration in Collingwood. When the bus pulled up, he waved goodbye like we were old friends that chatted often, as if we'd see each other again sometime soon ... we haven't.

women #2: this happened last time winter was approaching. It was that awkward morning weather that is so much colder than when the sun is out in the afternoon. The moment i stepped outside, i realized it was pretty frigid and that i should be wearing pants ... but i didn't feel much like heading back up the stairs to change in my apartment. My circulating blood should keep me warm! The run was cold ... as i was finishing up ... struggling up the last hill of the route, all exposed skin was red ... these two unrelated, elderly women, one in the bus carol, one approaching, yell in unison as they slap the top of their thighs repeatedly, "YOU SHOULD BE WEARING SLACKS!" I said, "i know," with a smile and small giggle ... they were not smiling ... they were overtly angry with me ... i felt ashamed and thought, i should be wearing slacks.

men # 3: Running down oxford hill, i see two young men, dressed impeccably, carrying little black books ... mormans. I have had my experiences with them a few years ago when my brother was involved in the church of later day saints. As i attempt to run by, buddy flags me down. I stop, pull out my headphone, "hi?" "HELLO! we can see you are in a rush (i'm not in a rush! i'm exercising!? go on) but we were just wondering if you knew that your lord, Jesus Christ loves you?" "Yes, i do-" He continues with some memorized speech through an expressionless face ... and repeats, "well, we can see you are in a rush, is there a better time we can come talk to you?" Sure meet me here, on the corner of oxford and beaverbrook ....? Does he expect me to give him my address? "No thank-you." "Do you know anyone else we can talk to?" "No," ... cordial good-byes and i keep running ... a bit faster than before.

man #4: Again, running up the last leg ... i see a man in the distance coming down this very steep hill on the same side as mine. There is no sidewalk. I make my way onto the side of grass as not to be in his way. As i run by, i attempt to make some eye contact ... he flags me down. I remove my earphone. He asked in a very quiet and gurgled voice, "can you pass me that piece of plastic?" and he points so some clear plastic on the grass. I hand it to him ... he places it into an old Tim Hortons cup that has other various pieces of garbage in it. "Are you collecting litter?" i ask. "mm hmm," he responds quietly. I touch his shoulder - "thank you." He's not looking for praise. Amazing. ... Oh, did i mention he had use of one leg and was in a wheelchair? More amazing.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Margie Song

Finally a song to express my love to you! It'll be the opener to our performance ... one day ... one sweet day.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This is my brain on music

I love music!

I used to frequent concerts often ... until i had an epiphany during and $80 concert for Justin and Christina where i spent the entire time watching the giant tv screen as opposed to the little ants on the stage waaaaaaaaaay down there! I vowed to cut back since then!

My favourite concert, hands down, has been for the counting crows. $20, front row. incredible.

This last week i saw some more live music.

First stop, $3, Justin Nozuka. I kind of love him. He's kind of 19. eeeeek. he just has some MAD guitar skills and i love watching him perform because he gets so into his music.
For your viewing pleasure ...

Justin unplugged his guitar and took it into the audience .... just him and his guitar! awesome!

Yup, that's Justin signing my splint! HAHA!

Wanna see some video's!? Check him out!

Next stop, Tegan and Sara ... 20 bucks but general admission, so it was a small venue and we were close! They are awesome!! Canadian twins on guitar ... crazy harmony and a variety of songs.

Check them out too!

Where will i go next!? Dunno! But in the meantime, i've ordered a book from chapters, "This is your brain on music." Anyone read it? I'm excited to get started ...

Monday, September 24, 2007


Traffic makes me happy. It really does. Not busy traffic, but the flow and organization of it all. I love the way people work together and obey the rules of the road. Now of course, there are those people who are rude and dangerous, but for the most part, we all follow the rules of the road and people get where they want to be even with thousands of cars on the road.

I've thought about this before, but was reminded today as i was driving along Sarnia Road ... at one point, it narrows and curves sharply over an old one-lane bridge. There is a small sign that reads, "please alternate." so there was a short line up on each side of the bridge, and one by one, each car from alternating sides took their turn along the shadey bridge. I mean sure, there was one car that tailgated the car in front of him to bud his turn, but for the most part, it was a beautiful synchronization of strangers, and it made me smile.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Things that matter

I'm in Occupational Therapy School.

I love Occupational Therapy. I love the ideas and the values of the profession. I love considering each person uniquely and seeing potential in all clients. I love that as an Occupational Therapist, you can work within any age group and in an incredible variety of settings (hospital, community, treatment centres, mental health facilities).

Then why do you constantly hear me say how i procrastinate when it comes to school work? Why do i always make sure people understand that school is a last priority for me?

The reason is that i know what i want to do with my degree. I want to work with children with special needs. This is my passion. This is my number one priority. And when we have to spend so much time in school preparing for the plethora of careers paths we can take, i get bored, i disengage and i procrastinate.

As of late, i have frequently found myself explaining to people my lack of interest in school ... and started second guessing myself. Maybe i should put more time into it? But on Monday night, my original beliefs were reassured!

.... Monday nights, i work with a young guy who is 12. He is your typical boy. He likes to get dirty, explore, play rough, eat, jump and swim. He is a sweetheart deep down who struggles with behavioural outbursts that are most often immediately followed by remorse and a visible, internal struggle with appropriate behaviours when he is trying to communicate. I love him. He likes me too!

I have been working with this young guy for 8 months, and unfortunately because of my new school schedule, my classes go too late on Mondays for me to work with him anymore. I dropped him off on Monday (my second last night with him) ... and stayed a bit later talking with his mom. (a usual occurrence as she is stressed out her mind with two children with special needs, a job, a house and all the extra stuff that goes along with that). Tonight, she was telling me how she was interviewing a new girl to come work with her little guy. She was telling me how he was acting out in front of the new girl. And through spontaneous tears, the mother tells me how he does this cause he knows yet another girl is leaving. Through tears, she tells me how hard it is when he will ask for a girl by name and she has to tell him that she is not coming anymore more. Through tears she tells me that he will miss me. Through tears, she tells me it is so hard for her to send him off with someone new. And through tears but without words she tells me how much she cares for her son. How much he means to her. How much she wants him to be happy.

My eyes were filled with tears, and i returned to my car to let them fall. And i sit for a little while ... Gain composure, and am reassured ... this is what i care about, this is what matters, this is why i'd rather spend time with these kids than reading 40 pages on evolution of the raised toilet seat.

Monday, September 17, 2007

My double life.

Thursday 4:30pm: Drove to Hamilton
Thursday 11:00pm: Drove to London

Friday 4pm: Drove to Hamilton

Saturday 3pm: Drove to London

Sunday 6am: Drove to Hamilton
Sunday 10pm: Drove to London

Friday, September 14, 2007

The results are in!

5:1 You would rather hit every red light than always be wrong!

3:1 You would rather drink a bottle of liquid soap than eat a bar of soap!

1:1 You can't decide if you rather see the future or change the past!

3:1 You would rather never be able to sit than only know 12 words

Thanks for voting! I LOVE this game! Your votes are completely anonymous so please put your vote in!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


1. I bought deli meat for the first time today (part of my mission to force meat on myself!) - and asked for 100 KILOgrams of black forest ham! i was the laughing stock of the superstore!

2. I hate full serve gas stations ... i feel totally unconfortable with the whole situation. I avoid them at all costs, but some cities (coughsarniacough) have them everywhere. I get all flustered and awkward, "mame, can you turn off your engine please" "oh right, er, sorry." For example, last time i was there, this is what happens:
  • the stations empty and for some reason i pull into the furthest pump from the gas booth.
  • he has to ask me to open my gas tank
  • i say $20 please cause i thought i had the cash, turns out i didn't so had to pay with visa - why not just get him to fill it up - wasted his efforts to get it right on 20 - then he has to jog ALL the way over to his booth to ring up the visa
It's only 3 things i guess, but for a 5 minute interaction, thats pretty rough and horribly awkward!

3. some of you may know that since the age of 21, i have been having grey hairs, by now at the wise age of 23 i have LOADS of grey hair. Today, i discovered something new ... a grey hair on my FOREARM!! Pluck that!

4. you know what's actually not tasty ... coffee-mate straight from the package. (it was a triple dog dare! i couldn't back down!)

5. First day of school tomorrow - i'm procrastinating - have 2 articles i have to read and reflect on!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Poor Guy ...

Some of you may know that i work as a Special Needs Worker. I love my job. It entails a variety of job descriptions. With some of my kids, we do academic work, or we go out into the community, trying to help them be as independent as possible. A lot of times we end up grabbing some food. I've been doing this work for almost 4 years now. I've had a lot of things happen, but yesterday ... Yesterday, something happened that has never happened before ...

Poor guy ... That's him and his mom at the hospital. How did this happen!? Well you see, my little buddy here likes to use his hands to eat and we have been trying to get him to use utensils ... so at the restaurant yesterday, we were using our forks as microphones (he loves to sing Disney songs) ... we'd sing a bit, then eat a bit ... all was working famously ... until he got a little over excited singing 'be our guest' from 'beauty and the beast' ... before i knew it, the fork was all the way through his nose ... It was awful (but kind of funny!) ...

After a call to his mom, some time in the ER, my brave 'lil guy was back home and kind of proud of his new scar!

(just kidding).

Friday, August 17, 2007

They Came!!!

So live in London and most of you wonderful people reading this live in Hamilton ... that sucks! Mostly because i rarely get the chance to have people over to MY house ... well finally the days have came!

Thursday, some great people came to london to enjoy one of Kevin's last meals in Canada ... At one of his most favourite places, Garlics of London. What's the food like you ask, well, here's a quote from one of my favourite food critics,

"The menu reflects the restaurant name. As we glance over the menu that is prominently displayed on the window, we see that many of the items feature different forms of garlic served in many creative ways ... Once seated, we get water, and a basket of bread with a side of lemon pecan butter. As we peruse the menu, we dig into the bread, and discover that the lemon pecan butter was very tasty!! What a great way to start a meal ... We order something that is similar to a Bruchetta, except instead of diced tomatoes and peppers, we get slices of pillowy soft french bread topped with whole roasted garlic cloves, and an assortment of roasted vegetables and grated cheese ... I get a fettuccine with a spicy oil based sauce with spinach, chicken, red peppers, and the all important garlic. What I loved about the dish was that the garlic was whole roasted cloves tossed in with the pasta, instead of being chopped up into tiny little pieces. The earthiness of the roasted garlic really complimented the sauce and the other ingredients ... For curiosity sake, we decide to look at the dessert menu. What I saw took me by surprise. I didn't think they could work garlic into a dessert item, but the menu said otherwise. One of their items was GARLIC ICE CREAM!!!!!!! When I saw this, I said 'That's it, I'm getting one' ... When the ice cream and coffee arrive, I take a small spoonful and begin to let the flavors attack my taste buds. At first, the sweetness of the French Vanilla ice cream wash over me, but out of nowhere, the sweet and aromatic goodness of the tiny chunks of garlic emerge, which sends me into this crazy frenzy of flavorful euphoria. I was absolutely stunned that garlic and ice cream could compliment each other ... The caramelization of the garlic unlocks its natural sweetness, but the sugar just kicks it up a notch.' What a way to end a fabulous meal!!"

That was long, but so worth it! (muhaha!)

It was super amazing to have friends in my temporary home town and even better to see a couple of them chilln' on my couches drinking some coffee!

THEN the fun didn't stop because after work on Friday, i had the pleasure of picking up an incredible woman who never ceases to inspire me when we chat! Her name is Erin Stanley. On top of that already-icing, as we arrive at my place, another gorgeous gem i know was waiting for us in the parking lot! I spent the whole weekend with these girls and man alive!! can we ever talk! we spent nearly every waking moment chatting - catching up and sharing thoughts, ideas, feelings, experiences, music, pictures and laughs. I am so blessed to know these girls. By just being themselves, they honestly encourage me to think different and want to be better. One of my most favourite things about them is their enthusiasm and cheer that they bring to every person in their path. They make every person they come in contact with smile and feel happiness. Wow.

(On her bus ride to London, Erin made us a scavenger hunt!!
Even though Rachel cheated, we still tied ... and we both
won a PINEAPPLE!! It doesn't get better than that!)

Dear Everyone reading this,
You are welcome here any any time


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Speeders Beware!!

So, i'm heading down my all-too-familiar drive on the 403 from Hamilton back to London ...

It's daylight out, so i'm speeding a little (cause we all know i don't really speed anymore due to a strict warning from a male officer!) ...

I feel i can afford to one up the speed limit because it's daytime and i can keep track of approaching cars in my rear view and look ahead to the typical "cop-spots" which are
1) radar'ing from atop an overpassing bridge, and
2) hiding perpendicular to the road under bridges or in U-turn cut outs

....well today my friends, i found a new and tricky spot! And i've created a diagram to help you understand.

You'll note Exhibit A - the Enemy (aka - cop!) he is strategically placed on the side of an ON-RAMP onto the 403.

There's me - Exhibit B in my Saturn! ... I am busy looking into my rearview and up ahead at the oncoming overpass

Exhibit C is important to note - tactically placed bushes to hide the cop-spot until the last second when it may be too late to hit the brakes!

...Don't worry, i caught him just in time, but i figured i had to share my new-found wisdom with you so you too can be aware of this devious cop-spot!!

Your Welcome.

Monday, August 6, 2007

My Girls!


She's been gone for a month and i missed her.
She has seen things that i can't imagine.
She has met people that have inspired her.
She has gained perspective, knowledge and skills.

I'm happy she went, i'm happy she's home.

I wish i could have been there with you
Kristyn ... so much.


Danna was traveling Europe for 2 MONTHS!
I missed her a lot.
She always goes out of her way to see how i am.
It means a lot!
She's going to be an amazing grade 5 miss lieberman!!
I'm so happy she's back!


Danna has been stuck studying day and night for her MCATS. They are done!

Enjoy the rest of your summer TO THE MAX before the fun starts at Physiotherpay school at Mac!!


are all grown up!
Full time jobs and looking hot!
Can't wait till we are all in the same city again!
I love you Tripti!
I love you Tanuja!


This girl so bravely moved to Nova Scotia to get her masters in Speech Therapy. She has two more years there. We miss her so much.

This summer, she has been away helping to run a camp. She's great at her job.

Miss you Rae!


I'm lucky to have 'em.
I couldn't live without 'em.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Amazing Weekend!

she is organized.
she drives a boat with speed and style.
she can light a perfect bonfire with one match.
she fixes bar b q's.
she stirs poo with grace!

Thanks SO much for having us up at your cottage Jen. It was perfect!
Thanks to E V E R Y one else too for an amazing weekend!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

For Perron: It's Better Than Squirrel

Now, i'm not making fun or trying to make light of the situation, but you have to admit, it's kind of funny ...

Volunteering on the Salvation Army Truck tonite and had a man come up to the window who was unfortunately high on something other than life ...

man: "i'll take a double latte"
me: "haha" *realizes he is serious* "ummm"
man: "oh sorry, i'll take a hot chocolate"
me: "would you like a muffin? blueberry or apple?"
man: "ah blueberry ... blueberry, cheesecake swirl"
me: "here you go!" *hands him a regular blueberry muffin!*
man: *wraps muffin in a paper plate and stuffs it into his backpack,* mumbling, "ahh, save this for the wife and kids ... it's better than squirrel"

I love my time on the truck ... meeting great people (on and off the truck). Plus experiencing London beyond the walls of univeristy life is really important to me!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


1. take my quiz on the left there!

2. had a date with with a beautiful woman today in Ingersoll! Nice town - bought some "Big League Chew" for my brother (remember that stuff?) and considered purchasing a 2 dollar plastic doll from a store that gave us body lice.

3. i like his music.

4. for the past 4 weeks i've been volunteering with the Down Syndrom Research Institute (DSRI) working with 3-6 year olds who have Down Syndrome. They are amazing. They have made SUCH huge gains in these last few weeks. tomorrow is my last day. i will miss them a lot.

5. my 'lil cousin took these. i think she has talent!

Friday, July 13, 2007


I fear i've been a bit of a creeper! A blog creeper that is!

I love to read others' blogs. i am interested in what you guys have to say; but i neglect to share my own life via blog. In fact, i get a lot of slack from my close friends who say i don't share my life with them via ... well via life! Maybe this will help!

Well, its officially summer break; although for me, that still means lots of busy days of work, volunteering and friends. However, on this particularly beautiful Friday afternoon, i find myself just sitting outside with my music and computer and thought it'd be fun to create one of this "new fangled blogs" ...

"what?" "i'm 4 years late!?"

(in actuality and in true miranda fashion, i am procrastinating. Sitting beside me is a book so beautifully named 'the foundations of clincal research.' i need to de-jumble this 768 page book by the end of the night for a pending 2-year research project.)