Saturday, March 29, 2008

more MiRanDoM!!

1. i am procrastinating from writing a 15 page paper due in one day. i have got one page ... time for a break.

2. i wrote my mom an email entitled 'holla' ... to which she replied, "what is a holla?"

3. my little brother drew a drawing of male parts on an assignment of mine ... i didn't notice ... i handed it in ... i got an A+ on that particular portion of the assignment ... i am confused.

4. don't go here: OMG!

5. thank you to steve: gross!

6. OhTease! is currently touring! We just finished our first stop in
The Take Three Tour - No False Starts!
first stop: The Corunna Legion
second stop: The University of Western Ontario
third and final stop: Caleilies Bar in London, Ontario (unsure of spelling and website!)


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


1. Just returned from Ontario's Ocean Playground ... aka Halifax! It was great!! Went with a great friend, Danna to visit another great friend, Rachael who is doing her Masters at Dalhousie. For the parts of Hali we saw, it seemed wonderful ... it had a small town feel in a big city!
A few highlights ...

Porter Airlines:
Porter what!? i know right! A new airline with wicked cheap flights that offered a private airport on the TO island, a state-of-the-art lounge, free and unlimited drinks .... pop, water, cappuccino, coffee, a variety of TAZO teas and snacks such as biscotti, cookies, almonds .... Not only that but free drinks, meals, snacks and alcohol on the mere 2 hour flight! INSANE! i recommend it to all!

The Halifax Farmer's Market!
incredible homemade, organic, fair trade food, clothing, jewelery and much, much more

Visiting Dalhousie Campus
and seeing Rachael's life out east

Acting like ridiculous tourists!
and taking every opportunity to snap such photos!

2. I sat at my computer for 8 hours today ... and i'm STILL working on a minuscule assignment. Oh the procrastinating woo's of internet.

3. OhTease! performed at their first open mic last week ... we got encored!! The open mic host was all like, "oh, is that it? play another ... come on" .... as a man in the crowd shouted, "keep playing!" It was SO fun and SO exciting! We can't wait to go back!

4. Kristyn left a blocky's video for me on her porch ... between the hours of 3am and 8am, it was stolen. They want $22.50 for Jane Austin's Book Club. Seriously?

5. My dad got his FIRST speeding ticket after 32 of driving!

6. Gonna get my license and health card renewed tomorrow (jealous!?) Did you know that you are no longer allowed to smile in your license photo? "Give me you best frown!"

7. Happy Birthday Pernell!

8. FINE!! i'll go finish my assignment ...