Thursday, August 23, 2007

Poor Guy ...

Some of you may know that i work as a Special Needs Worker. I love my job. It entails a variety of job descriptions. With some of my kids, we do academic work, or we go out into the community, trying to help them be as independent as possible. A lot of times we end up grabbing some food. I've been doing this work for almost 4 years now. I've had a lot of things happen, but yesterday ... Yesterday, something happened that has never happened before ...

Poor guy ... That's him and his mom at the hospital. How did this happen!? Well you see, my little buddy here likes to use his hands to eat and we have been trying to get him to use utensils ... so at the restaurant yesterday, we were using our forks as microphones (he loves to sing Disney songs) ... we'd sing a bit, then eat a bit ... all was working famously ... until he got a little over excited singing 'be our guest' from 'beauty and the beast' ... before i knew it, the fork was all the way through his nose ... It was awful (but kind of funny!) ...

After a call to his mom, some time in the ER, my brave 'lil guy was back home and kind of proud of his new scar!

(just kidding).

Friday, August 17, 2007

They Came!!!

So live in London and most of you wonderful people reading this live in Hamilton ... that sucks! Mostly because i rarely get the chance to have people over to MY house ... well finally the days have came!

Thursday, some great people came to london to enjoy one of Kevin's last meals in Canada ... At one of his most favourite places, Garlics of London. What's the food like you ask, well, here's a quote from one of my favourite food critics,

"The menu reflects the restaurant name. As we glance over the menu that is prominently displayed on the window, we see that many of the items feature different forms of garlic served in many creative ways ... Once seated, we get water, and a basket of bread with a side of lemon pecan butter. As we peruse the menu, we dig into the bread, and discover that the lemon pecan butter was very tasty!! What a great way to start a meal ... We order something that is similar to a Bruchetta, except instead of diced tomatoes and peppers, we get slices of pillowy soft french bread topped with whole roasted garlic cloves, and an assortment of roasted vegetables and grated cheese ... I get a fettuccine with a spicy oil based sauce with spinach, chicken, red peppers, and the all important garlic. What I loved about the dish was that the garlic was whole roasted cloves tossed in with the pasta, instead of being chopped up into tiny little pieces. The earthiness of the roasted garlic really complimented the sauce and the other ingredients ... For curiosity sake, we decide to look at the dessert menu. What I saw took me by surprise. I didn't think they could work garlic into a dessert item, but the menu said otherwise. One of their items was GARLIC ICE CREAM!!!!!!! When I saw this, I said 'That's it, I'm getting one' ... When the ice cream and coffee arrive, I take a small spoonful and begin to let the flavors attack my taste buds. At first, the sweetness of the French Vanilla ice cream wash over me, but out of nowhere, the sweet and aromatic goodness of the tiny chunks of garlic emerge, which sends me into this crazy frenzy of flavorful euphoria. I was absolutely stunned that garlic and ice cream could compliment each other ... The caramelization of the garlic unlocks its natural sweetness, but the sugar just kicks it up a notch.' What a way to end a fabulous meal!!"

That was long, but so worth it! (muhaha!)

It was super amazing to have friends in my temporary home town and even better to see a couple of them chilln' on my couches drinking some coffee!

THEN the fun didn't stop because after work on Friday, i had the pleasure of picking up an incredible woman who never ceases to inspire me when we chat! Her name is Erin Stanley. On top of that already-icing, as we arrive at my place, another gorgeous gem i know was waiting for us in the parking lot! I spent the whole weekend with these girls and man alive!! can we ever talk! we spent nearly every waking moment chatting - catching up and sharing thoughts, ideas, feelings, experiences, music, pictures and laughs. I am so blessed to know these girls. By just being themselves, they honestly encourage me to think different and want to be better. One of my most favourite things about them is their enthusiasm and cheer that they bring to every person in their path. They make every person they come in contact with smile and feel happiness. Wow.

(On her bus ride to London, Erin made us a scavenger hunt!!
Even though Rachel cheated, we still tied ... and we both
won a PINEAPPLE!! It doesn't get better than that!)

Dear Everyone reading this,
You are welcome here any any time


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Speeders Beware!!

So, i'm heading down my all-too-familiar drive on the 403 from Hamilton back to London ...

It's daylight out, so i'm speeding a little (cause we all know i don't really speed anymore due to a strict warning from a male officer!) ...

I feel i can afford to one up the speed limit because it's daytime and i can keep track of approaching cars in my rear view and look ahead to the typical "cop-spots" which are
1) radar'ing from atop an overpassing bridge, and
2) hiding perpendicular to the road under bridges or in U-turn cut outs

....well today my friends, i found a new and tricky spot! And i've created a diagram to help you understand.

You'll note Exhibit A - the Enemy (aka - cop!) he is strategically placed on the side of an ON-RAMP onto the 403.

There's me - Exhibit B in my Saturn! ... I am busy looking into my rearview and up ahead at the oncoming overpass

Exhibit C is important to note - tactically placed bushes to hide the cop-spot until the last second when it may be too late to hit the brakes!

...Don't worry, i caught him just in time, but i figured i had to share my new-found wisdom with you so you too can be aware of this devious cop-spot!!

Your Welcome.

Monday, August 6, 2007

My Girls!


She's been gone for a month and i missed her.
She has seen things that i can't imagine.
She has met people that have inspired her.
She has gained perspective, knowledge and skills.

I'm happy she went, i'm happy she's home.

I wish i could have been there with you
Kristyn ... so much.


Danna was traveling Europe for 2 MONTHS!
I missed her a lot.
She always goes out of her way to see how i am.
It means a lot!
She's going to be an amazing grade 5 miss lieberman!!
I'm so happy she's back!


Danna has been stuck studying day and night for her MCATS. They are done!

Enjoy the rest of your summer TO THE MAX before the fun starts at Physiotherpay school at Mac!!


are all grown up!
Full time jobs and looking hot!
Can't wait till we are all in the same city again!
I love you Tripti!
I love you Tanuja!


This girl so bravely moved to Nova Scotia to get her masters in Speech Therapy. She has two more years there. We miss her so much.

This summer, she has been away helping to run a camp. She's great at her job.

Miss you Rae!


I'm lucky to have 'em.
I couldn't live without 'em.