Monday, July 30, 2007

Amazing Weekend!

she is organized.
she drives a boat with speed and style.
she can light a perfect bonfire with one match.
she fixes bar b q's.
she stirs poo with grace!

Thanks SO much for having us up at your cottage Jen. It was perfect!
Thanks to E V E R Y one else too for an amazing weekend!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

For Perron: It's Better Than Squirrel

Now, i'm not making fun or trying to make light of the situation, but you have to admit, it's kind of funny ...

Volunteering on the Salvation Army Truck tonite and had a man come up to the window who was unfortunately high on something other than life ...

man: "i'll take a double latte"
me: "haha" *realizes he is serious* "ummm"
man: "oh sorry, i'll take a hot chocolate"
me: "would you like a muffin? blueberry or apple?"
man: "ah blueberry ... blueberry, cheesecake swirl"
me: "here you go!" *hands him a regular blueberry muffin!*
man: *wraps muffin in a paper plate and stuffs it into his backpack,* mumbling, "ahh, save this for the wife and kids ... it's better than squirrel"

I love my time on the truck ... meeting great people (on and off the truck). Plus experiencing London beyond the walls of univeristy life is really important to me!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


1. take my quiz on the left there!

2. had a date with with a beautiful woman today in Ingersoll! Nice town - bought some "Big League Chew" for my brother (remember that stuff?) and considered purchasing a 2 dollar plastic doll from a store that gave us body lice.

3. i like his music.

4. for the past 4 weeks i've been volunteering with the Down Syndrom Research Institute (DSRI) working with 3-6 year olds who have Down Syndrome. They are amazing. They have made SUCH huge gains in these last few weeks. tomorrow is my last day. i will miss them a lot.

5. my 'lil cousin took these. i think she has talent!

Friday, July 13, 2007


I fear i've been a bit of a creeper! A blog creeper that is!

I love to read others' blogs. i am interested in what you guys have to say; but i neglect to share my own life via blog. In fact, i get a lot of slack from my close friends who say i don't share my life with them via ... well via life! Maybe this will help!

Well, its officially summer break; although for me, that still means lots of busy days of work, volunteering and friends. However, on this particularly beautiful Friday afternoon, i find myself just sitting outside with my music and computer and thought it'd be fun to create one of this "new fangled blogs" ...

"what?" "i'm 4 years late!?"

(in actuality and in true miranda fashion, i am procrastinating. Sitting beside me is a book so beautifully named 'the foundations of clincal research.' i need to de-jumble this 768 page book by the end of the night for a pending 2-year research project.)