Friday, February 15, 2008

2 months? seriously!?

First of all:
Happy 2 month anniversary to me for being a slacker and not posting!

Second of all:
Sorry and THANK YOU Margaret Sara Goodyear for wanting me to post ... even though you used profanities!

Third of all:
What to say to represent the last 2 months! ? Let's see ... the 3 biggest things that have happened to me are ...

1. Shreddies has come out with their NEW diamond shreddies ... they look so good. check it ...

2. OhTease! performed at the Physio Therapist Talent Show/Fundraiser ... despite some serious technological malfunctions (aka Miranda, the not-so-singer was left soloing their first song) ... it was WICKED FUN and i can't wait to perform with my girls again!

Did you know we are on YouTube!?

3. I have been doing my placement for school at a children's centre ... it's incredible. The children completely inspire me!
I have also been doing a research project for school on children.

Top 3 favourite child moments:

1. Me: "Come on over to the OT table to work with me"
*Katie, age 5: "um, no, i don't think i like you."

2. Me: "We are going to try to draw this picture"
*Jamie, age 6: "Who put you in charge?"

3. I walk into the child's home ... his first words to me ...
"Are you a girl?"

*names have been changed to protect my arse

Sorry for the slackage, but i'm back!


Margie said...

So awesome! I would have peed my pants for all three of those children moments.

The OhTease are awesome...

Thank you ever so much for posting... please remember to do so more often!


miranda said...

love you back.

thanks for the encouragement to get back to it!!