Saturday, March 29, 2008

more MiRanDoM!!

1. i am procrastinating from writing a 15 page paper due in one day. i have got one page ... time for a break.

2. i wrote my mom an email entitled 'holla' ... to which she replied, "what is a holla?"

3. my little brother drew a drawing of male parts on an assignment of mine ... i didn't notice ... i handed it in ... i got an A+ on that particular portion of the assignment ... i am confused.

4. don't go here: OMG!

5. thank you to steve: gross!

6. OhTease! is currently touring! We just finished our first stop in
The Take Three Tour - No False Starts!
first stop: The Corunna Legion
second stop: The University of Western Ontario
third and final stop: Caleilies Bar in London, Ontario (unsure of spelling and website!)


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